Each slides plays for as much as three seconds before another image replaces it. The double arrow design on the navigation controls adds to the modern appearance of this slider. In real-time scenarios, there may be a requirement to put an image slider on the application web page. If you hover over the thumbnails, you’ll see a circle with a loop in it on the gray semi-transparent background. The non-jQuery photo gallery is created using solely CSS and it provides a great way to showcase your photos and to let visitors to your website see the very best of what you have to offer. This demo shows off your images in a stunning slideshow that is all about presentation! To emphasize the image in the center there is the gray semi-transparent background. Moreover, you can use gifs and svg in it, and your site visitors will be able to view them in a lightbox modal carousel. This is a fully featured slider with previous and next buttons. First, created variable to do it easily. However, the images do have a 'rounded corner' effect, which makes them look like modern photographs of cars. On the lower part of the slider one can find stylish bullets - orange dots. The application of bullets makes this clear the way the navigation system works, so this carousel is simple to grasp and apply. The gallery frame resizes smoothly according to the picture size. Hovering over the thumbnails of the natty lightbox darkens beautifully framed images slightly to make them stand out. Also, I used HTML, CSS & font-awesome (get) library for creating next and previous buttons. So, Today I am sharing JavaScript Image Slider With HTML CSS. Overall this slider design is grown-up, trustworthy and memorable — working for any site that has an adult audience and discusses serious topics. Each slides plays for about three seconds before another image replaces it. The images show the historical architecture, so this slideshow can be used for any type of presentation to showcase ancient buildings. I know after getting the code you will understand how this function working. The font used is Averia Sans Libre, a unique font that was created from the average of many other fonts. Financial websites would benefit from its clean and authoritative look. It plays continuously, and since it reaches the end it scans backwards, arrives for the first picture, and automatically replays the total set right away. Many slider designs look extremely similar, and it is hard to find one that stands out and is memorable. You can choose the animation type for slide transitions and caption effects. The slider demo has sharp, angular rectangular boxes for text, placed in the lower left corner. Everybody would be impressed opening this reach and colorful slideshow where we can see french flowers and old-fashioned houses.